During the annual QuakeCon event, Bethesda hosted a panel dedicated to Fallout 76. In it, developers have answered many questions from the fans and announced a bunch of new content coming to the game later this year. The plans for the future include a new map for Nuclear Winter mode and new raids.

In case you didn’t know, Nuclear Winter is the game’s battle-royale mode hosting 52-player battles. The new map for the mode will be called Morgantown. According to Bethesda, compared to the current map, Morgantown will offer extensive amounts of verticality and an urban-based environment which should enable more dynamic gameplay. However, fans of the mode will have to wait until September to try it out. In addition, Bethesda also said that along with the new map, the team will also bring some quality of life improvements for the Nuclear Winter mode.

In addition to the new map, Fallout 76 will get a new Vault raid. The new raid will be set in Vault 94 and should feature three missions that will rotate every other week. According to Bethesda, the new missions will support 4 player groups and reward participants with fresh armor sets and social rewards. The first one should kick off on August 20th. And that’s not all… The developers have confirmed that the team is working on another raid, but no details about it have been revealed just yet.

Lastly, Bethesda also took their time to talk a bit more about the upcoming Wastelanders update which should bring NPCs to the world of Fallout. While the update is set for November, it was interesting to hear how the team is tackling it. According to the developers, players will be able to talk with these characters using dialogue trees that are similar to the ones seen in Fallout 3.

To sum all the changes that are coming to the game in the future, Bethesda also revealed a new roadmap for Fallout 76 updates. Maybe there is still hope for the Wasteland after all…