Quite some time has passed since November 10, 2015, when Bethesda developed and published their post-apocalyptic action role-playing game Fallout 4. And it’s safe to say that the game has been a total blast, and a total time-soaker for whoever decided to acquire and play through this marvellous piece. Not only is Fallout 4 an incredible survival game that captivates a player with amazing open-world gameplay and more than immersive narrative but it’s also a game that only unveils its full potential once the player decides to follow his own path of exploration and discovery.

Fallout 4 secrets are no mystery to the fans of the franchise, as ever since the early days of the first Fallout release it has been known: the game’s stacked and loaded with surprises, Easter Eggs, and some simply bizarre moments. Players love it, and developers very well know about it, and as such, Fallout 4 is no exception to the universal law. The references to pop-culture, HP Lovecraft, real locations, Hollywood movies, and many other entertainment mediums are ever so present, patiently waiting for their inevitable discovery. Some Fallout 4 secrets have been discovered fairly quickly, others took some time, and who knows, maybe even today some are still lying under the shade.

Fallout series have attracted the so-called secret-hunters, and these guys and girls from across the globe have done their very best work in order to unwrap some of the tightest and hardest, to find and solve, riddles scattered all throughout the desolated wasteland. Thanks to the efforts of these hardworking video-detectives, we are now able to present some of the coolest and most inventive Fallout 4 secrets! If you’ve been the sole explorer yourself, there’s a big chance that you might know about most or at least some of these secrets and tricks, but if you’ve just played through the game’s narrative and later put your focus elsewhere, buckle-up, because you are in for a treat!

The Treasury that the developers left behind

This is for those players that don’t mind getting their hands dirty, and by dirty we mean the old-school cheat-code dirty. One of the Fallout 4 secrets involves this poorly lit room with literally every desired in-game item inside. The developers have used it for testing the items, and now you can too! Teleport there by typing ‘COCQASMOKE’ in the console, once you are there choose your desired item, now it’s totally yours, forever! On the side note: we offer the getting-in part, the getting out part is on you.

Your Doggo is very, VERY useful

You can begin uncovering the Fallout 4 secrets from the very moment you wake up in Vault 111. Do you remember that ridiculous locked and frozen cannon that you saw hanging on the wall? Forget your pistol and your shotgun, as this anomaly is available from the very start of the game! Your Doggo, Dogmeat, has the ability to scrounge for items, apparently, it can bypass almost any lock throughout the game. – ‘Dogmeat, fetch me that Cryolater bazooka please!’, leaving your bunker with this in hand feels different, doesn’t it?

fallout 4 dog

Deathclaw means danger, or does it?

One of the more intense Fallout 4 secrets involves a Deathclaw mama, stolen baby DC eggs, and the quest that got everything entirely wrong! So, once you pick up The Devil’s Due quest, you learn that the mix of lizard, crocodile, dinosaur, armour, speed, and evil lays eggs, and you are supposed to steal some! If successful, your further orders require you to return to the Diamond City. However, try to enter your compassionate side: you are stealing babies for god’s sake! Return them to the nest and get rewarded with the Deathclaw Gauntlet. Love is power!

deathclaw gauntlet

Post-apocalyptic Wasteland or the start of Conan?

Fallout 4 secrets are wild! One of these comes as a sequel to a secret known in the Fallout 3 game. In the previous release you could read the ‘Grognak the Barbarian’ comics, these would increase your character’s melee weapons skill, and the same goes to Fallout 4. However, this time there’s more to the whole Grognak thingy! In the ruins of Boston there’s this Hubris Comics store, make to the top floor, once there, you will find a Gnognak costume along with his battle-axe! Equip the two and become the post-apocalyptic barbarian hero! The world may not need you, and yet here you are.

Fallout 4 secrets and Power Armour fashions

You know about it, you most probably have it, and if you do, you love it. Yes, we are talking about the power armour. But did you know that this metal chunk of awesomeness can be extensively customized and personalized? Once you are done acting as Conan the Barbarian, start searching for the Hot Rodder Issues, each provides you with more options to make a sick customizable gear! Hot pink is the new fab in town, but if you are into the mean-grin-kill-machine type of stuff, the grinning shark’s mouth on your chest plate is the way to go! Fallout 4 secrets to tuning your power armour don’t end with Hot Rodder issues. Visit Boston and join The Atom Cats gang, they are sure to provide you with some top-notch fashion tips.

fallout 4 armor

Surviving the apocalypse should be celebrated

One of the secrets to happiness in real-life are fireworks, and one of the Fallout 4 secrets to post-apocalyptic happiness are lighting the propane tanks on fire and flying them off into the sky up from the three ramps set atop the unmarked shack located somewhere above a cliff! Our sincerest recommendation would be to light them up once the nightfall comes, explosions are at their finest when it’s dark. Be aware as combusting propane tanks are no toys, so be extra cautious with their unpredictable nature, or not, whatever, the world has already ended, and you have survived, who are we to tell you the rules?! Conan blasting propane rockets, what a sight!