Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout is a very popular game. However, its player numbers might grow even larger if the recent rumors are true. According to an announcement by Chinese games and entertainment company Bilibili, the company has secured the rights to publish a mobile version of the game in China.

This is the first official confirmation of a mobile version of the game. However, it’s an interesting one, since currently there is no news about the Western release. In fact, there is no official confirmation about this announcement being real from the original developers of the game. It might be yet another case where China is doing their thing and doesn’t care about any copyright laws applied in the Western countries, or it might be just a simple delay of the long-awaited announcement.

It’s no secret that Mediatonic has plans to release Fall Guys to other platforms as well. Currently, the game is released on PlayStation 4 and PC, however, the developers hinted at a version for Google Stadia and Switch. Mediatonic also shared their plans to further develop Fall Guys and focus more on cross-play features which might mean that Western markets might get a separate announcement about Fall Guys coming to mobile very soon.

To be fair, Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout seems like a perfect game for mobile adaptation. Simple gameplay and easy to adapt control scheme might be a real hit on mobile, so we’re hopeful that developers just decided to delay the reveal in order to focus our attention on Fall Guys Season 2 launch. Who knows, we might even get an official confirmation about this during Gamescom Opening Night Live.