Greetings fellow players, game enthusiasts, addicts, adventurers, explorers, and all those that have at least something in common with video games. Here at Eneba, we welcome and value each and every individual alike and that’s why we want to share and review some significant changes to one of the most important factors when it comes to user experience while traversing our marketplace. Eneba’s menu has undergone through some serious reconstruction procedure, and today you’ll get to witness our menu’s evolution first-hand. 

Summer is coming to a close, and the reign of new game releases is thundering full speed ahead. We’ve made the necessary preparations and we wholeheartedly hope you’ll come to love the multiple new features these changes bring. Even better accessibility, more direct approach to your needs, top sales of the week and stunning new collections, along with other quality-of-life improvements, are what our new menu is all about. Change is the unavoidable part of our surroundings, and the best way to prepare for the upcoming shift can only be achieved by gathering all the necessary information beforehand.

Games Section

In a sense, Games category will work the same as it did before; if you choose to click directly on Games button, you’ll be directed to the page with every game we’ve got on offer, along with our filter tree for mechanical entries of your choice. However, as you can see in the picture above, now there’s a whole another form of access, specifically built based on your feedback. If you come to Eneba already knowing, or at least partially knowing your needs, the built-in platforms, genres, and price selections will most definitely save you some valuable time.


Discover by collection filter is the new addition on our games’ menu column, and while we’ve had some cool collections before, the top ones will now be accessed directly. The featured collections on the menu might change from time to time, so stay on the lookout for you never know what type of sweet deals we’ll come up with next. Aside from those that will change, some featured collections are here to stay. These include the pre-orders, the always popular games, the good old games, and of course, games for kids.

Games by popularity

We’ve also decided to include the best and most popular weekly games column, so you would know what the trends are, which games are dominating the marketplace, and what’s worth investing your time into – that’s on a week to week basis! After all, the community knows best; we can only agree and provide you with the results of actions made by the majority. For months we’ve been tracking these by ourselves and there’s one thing that we can guarantee in advance, you’ll often be surprised by the sudden shifts of the concurring trends – definitely keep an eye on these! 

Gift Cards Section

The Gift Cards section has also experienced some quality changes and while the main category will work the same as it did before; if you choose to click directly on Gift Cards button you’ll be directed to the page with every gift card we’ve got on offer, along with our filter tree for mechanical entries of your choice. But if you prefer a more time-efficient approach – we’ve got you covered with direct filters to gift cards according to your platform, daily needs, country, and – same as with the Games Section – popularity in demand!

Gift Cards by popularity

Once we were done with Games by popularity idea, for the sake of interest, we’ve decided to include your most popular gift card purchases as well. From now on and into the future, you’ll be able to participate and spectate not one but two popularity contests. The best and most highly desired picks will be yours to discover right on the Gift Cards menu window. Ever wondered what sort of purchases the community prefers? Wonder no more and check it out for yourself. Again, changes will be presented on a weekly basis! Who knows, your purchase could just as well become the determining vote required to bring some serious ruckus on the top 5 results.

Game Points Section

We’ve had game points before, but never like this! Your favourite game points will be split into different filter categories that will direct you straight to all the purchase options we’ve got on offer. These filters will offer you Game points stacked and packed for your utmost convenience. So, whether you’re wondering about the platform, actual points, in-game currency types, or price – all that separates you from what we offer, awaits just a click away. Of course, no one will stop you from using our search bar, or clicking on the main categories Game Points button and customizing your own filtering options. 

Xbox Section

When it comes to the Xbox offers, there are plenty in stock. In fact, we could barely fit everything on one table, but with some hard work, sweat, and magic – we did! The Xbox section of our Menu has three major categories. Games, gift cards, and subscriptions are what’s on laid upon your eyes to gaze! If you’ve been with us for a while, you might immediately notice quite a significant change. We’ve split Gift Cards from Subscription, for simpler, more direct, and less time-consuming approach. If you come already knowing what you want, this change should come in handy.

By country, price, and popularity

If you’re an Xbox fan, you might already know that the marketplace is holding a wide variety of country/specific gift cards; we’ve collected them all and put them in quick and ready-to-access filters! When it comes to Xbox Live Gold subscription services, you’ll now be able to access their respective Global timeframe variants directly though our Menu as well. Then there are also the price indicators for both Xbox games and gift cards, and last but certainly not least is the column for the most popular weekly Xbox game purchases. 

PSN Section

The section for PSN services has undergone through some serious filtering works as well. Much like Xbox, we’ve split the gift cards and the subscriptions apart and now there are three main categories to the PSN offers. Furthermore, the PSN cards/subscriptions tend to be categorized by currency, so we’ve decided to bring them out and about directly upfront. Select a card or a subscription that’s based on your country/currency and enjoy a time-efficient route leading directly to your choice. 

By currency, price, and popularity

Price is another factor which comes into mind when choosing the right type of purchase. It’s no mystery that gift card prices tend to often shift and change – it’s a marketplace for a reason – and that’s why we’ve come up with four filters to pave your way for seamless access. Such filters as price under 10/25/50 and over 50 will definitely come a long way into your purchase, and you’ll be able to make sure of it from the very first click! The most popular PSN cards are too in the mix. These will be categorized in accordance with your selected language parameters e.g. if you choose the Spanish language, you’ll see the most popular PSN gift card (ES) sales. Whilst if you stay under the set default – English (EN) selection – you’ll be presented with the overall most popular results.  

Nintendo Section

Nintendo section was also divided into three main categories, much like Xbox and PSN sections did. From now on, aside from the search bar and your own ability to customize filters, you’ll also be able to quickly access your desired games, gift cards, and subscription categories. Gift cards and subscriptions also got a direct filter by region option. When it comes to Nintendo games, you’ll now be able to venture through multiple titles based on their price and popularity. If you’ve been wondering what type of games are conquering our leader boards – wonder no more and check them out, right on the menu. 

Mobile Version

Our mobile menu version has undergone through the same structural changes, and honestly, it was quite a task to fit the new framework into a much smaller scale. However, we managed to do it in the most convenient, clear, and simple manner. We recommend you try it and see it for yourself! Every intricate change noted above applies to mobile as well, so if you’ve been reading today’s presentation with a desire to prepare for what’s ahead, you should be able to sail through the multitude of changes, in the same manner, you’re navigating through your games – like a complete Pro.