Elite Dangerous, one of the most popular space simulation games is getting bigger. The developers of the game announced an unexpected direction the team is going to take in the future with the new DLC called Odyssey. From what we gather, this new DLC which is scheduled to come out sometime in 2021 will allow players to leave their spaceships and set foot on the planets they’re visiting.

The information provided on the official game’s webpage is a bit scarce but allows us to paint a pretty picture. Elite Dangerous: Odyssey will enable players to explore planets (No Man’s Sky, beware!) and interact with other players in various new social hubs.

Furthermore, the developers from Frontier are telling that the new DLC will bring an entirely new way of playing Elite Dangerous. In a special Sphere of Combat, players will be able to “Experience intense first-person combat, kit out your character with an array of weapons and gear, and coordinate with teammates to master a multi-layered, deep, tactical environment where Commanders, SRVs and Starships converge.”

All in all, it seems like Elite Dangerous is becoming even grander (not that it wasn’t grand already) and a must-play for everyone who dreamed to travel the universe… Be sure to check out our price for the base game below.