For quite a while now, Overwatch PTR players were enjoying the latest addition to the game. The 32nd playable Overwatch hero Echo is a damage-dealing archetype character that was already dubbed as a game-breaker by some players. Now, after a fair share of balance updates, Echo is ready for the live game. Blizzard announced that Echo will be released for everyone on April 14th.

Players that have yet to see Echo in action should know that this new hero boasts a very versatile kit making her very strong in almost any match up.

Her primary fire shoots three projectiles in a triangular shape which then spreads out based on the travel distance. Echo’s alternate fire releases a barrage of sticky bombs that detonate after a short period of time, while her other ability allows her to shoot a beam of energy which does increased damage for lower health targets. All in all, if this is combined right, even tanks melt in seconds. Lastly, there’s also a flight ability which is giving her insane mobility and her ultimate that allows making a copy of any hero in the game for a few seconds giving an increased ultimate charge rate.

Echo’s debut might very well shuffle the balance of power in the competitive scene and maybe that’s the reason behind other decisions made by Blizzard this week. According to the developers, as of April 13th, the Hero Pool will once again become single and unified between regular Competitive Play and high-level Competitive Play matches such as the Overwatch League. For two weeks heroes won’t be removed from the pool in order to let all the community get acquainted with Echo and her counters.

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