The current season of Destiny 2 is coming to its inevitable conclusion and fans of the game started to look for clues about what’s coming next. The next season should land sometime in March and until this point fans knew very little about it. On Tuesday, after the usual weekly reset, all the players who logged into their accounts were greeted by a short cutscene.

The new video features Osiris and the Warmind Rasputin confrontation. While it doesn’t reveal much of the story it suggests that a new conflict is heating up. Osiris walks inside the chamber of Rasputin, an AI computer on Mars built by humans. Osiris walks towards Warmind and accuses it of being a murderer, betrayer, and a thug. Such accusations are then followed by a question – which side will the AI choose to fight for.

For those who were not playing Destiny 2 recently, we should tell that both of these characters played a big part in the previous Destiny 2’s expansions – Curse of Osiris and Warmind. Now it seems that both characters will share the screen for the first time. We can also take a wild guess and assume that the next season will take players back to Mars.

As for some gameplay features that will be coming to Destiny 2 with a new season, we still have no clue. However, the launch of the new season is scheduled for March 10th, so we expect to learn more about the new features, modes and loot in the coming weeks.