The latest Sid Meier’s strategy series’ entry Civilization VI seems to be coming to the end of its cycle. 2K Games announced a “New Frontier Pass” – a new DLC repack that wraps all the previous Civilization VI content updates into one single pack and adds some more additional goodies.

In addition to all the previously released content updates, “New Frontier Pass will also add new leaders, new game modes, and other additional content. The first batch of fresh things will land this month and contain “Maya and Gran Columbia Pack”, giving players a chance to play with two new civilizations fighting for some new resources, two new leaders and some new city-states.

“Maya and Gran Columbia Pack” will also include a new Apocalypse Mode which is a twisted Civilization game where your subjects have to build their civilization while constantly avoiding extinction due to various natural disasters.

After May’s “Maya and Cran Columbia”, all “New Frontier Pass” owners will get “Ethiopia Pack” in July. There will also be some yet unannounced content packs in September, November, and in 2021’s January and March as well. Full information on what you will find in each pack can be seen in a video below:

It’s likely that after all the New Frontier Pass content is released for PC and consoles we’ll get some news about the new Sid Meier’s Civilization game. That’s how this series was evolving previously and that’s how it will continue to evolve in the future.