Only a few days have passed since Resident Evil 3 remake hit the shelves and Capcom is already talking about the possible future… Or maybe past. In a special survey about Resident Evil 3 which is dedicated to Asian markets, there are two questions regarding the future endeavors of Capcom.

These questions are:

  • If a new remake title of “Resident Evil” series is released, would you like to purchase?
  • If a sequel of “Resident Evil” series is released, would you like to purchase?

Naturally, these questions sparked a conversation that is interesting for a few particular reasons. While many of you might be quick to shout that new games are always better than the sequels, according to purchase data, Resident Evil remakes are actually way more popular than new games. For instance, the latest Resident Evil 7 sold merely a small margin of what Resident Evil 2 Remake accumulated in a shorter amount of time.

While doing a remake would make way more sense, the sequel of Resident Evil 3: Nemesis is a Resident Evil 4, a series redefining game which was already re-released with improved resolution and frame rate. It makes little sense to continue remaking main games in the series unless it’s a next-gen remake dedicated for Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5. And we bet it cost a ton of money to make a next-gen game, so remake would be a safe bet.

However, purely from a neutral perspective, we’d love to get an entirely new Resident Evil game. Yes, it might not be as financially successful as a remake, but it might bring something fresh and revitalize the series for yet another generation of consoles. To put it simply we’d love to expand our chronological list of Resident Evil games.