Devil May Cry 5 launched a month ago and you had plenty of time to complete the game’s campaign. However, besides that, there was not much else to do. Well, until now. Yesterday, Capcom has released a new update for the game called Bloody Palace.

To put it simply, Bloody Palace is a new score-driven survival gauntlet mode for Devil May Cry 5. The game mode features 101 floors for a player to clear controlling one of the game’s three characters. While you’ll be able to play Bloody Palace as Dante, Nero, or V from the get-go, you won’t be able to pick Vergil. Bloody Palace gives an option to fight against the opponent you never fought using the specific character in the campaign. For example, in one of the stages, you can fight Goliath but instead of V, you can use Dante or Nero as your hero.

The best part about the Bloody Palace is that it’s bloody free. If you already own the game you can immediately hop right into the action. But be warned! New game mode is not for the brainless button mashing and will pose a real challenge for those willing to push through. By completing certain stages, you’ll be rewarded with special new taunts.

Bloody Palace is available across all platforms which currently support the game – PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4.