With 2 weeks until the annual BlizzCon event kicks off, we thought we’ll round up all the rumors surrounding BlizzCon 2019. After the underwhelming BlizzCon 2018, this year Blizzard has to pull out some big guns in order to please the fans. During 2018-2019, Blizzard was involved in many controversies, took a massive hit in the stock market and just recently, angered the fans by banning a famous Hearthstone player.

All these reasons make BlizzCon 2019 into the event in which Blizzard can either redeem itself in the eyes of their fans or take its place next to EA as one of the most hated gaming companies out there. So without further delay, let’s inspect what we can expect from BlizzCon 2019.

World of Warcraft

It would be silly not to expect some news related to the World of Warcraft franchise at BlizzCon 2019. Just recently, the company has announced the latest 8.3 patch for the game, called Visions of N’Zoth. Mind you, they revealed a huge batch of content coming to the World of Warcraft just a few weeks before its biggest celebration. The only reason we can think of why Visions of N’Zoth was revealed before the BlizzCon 2019, is the notion that the company has something even bigger to announce on the stage.

While it can be something related to WoW Classic’s success, our money is on the new WoW expansion. Recent leaks suggested that we’ll get Shadowlands as the new World of Warcraft expansion, but having in mind that we’re already going into some horrific alternate universe in the next patch, we wouldn’t count on it. Battle for Azeroth did a nice job of setting up the new theme of Death throughout its cycle, so we’d guess that we might see something related to that. We can also expect to see some real changes to the core game- Blizzard has already teased their plans to squish World of Warcraft’s levels, redo Titanforging, and focus more on class flavors.

In addition to all the big WoW news, we expect to hear something regarding Warcraft 3 Reforged, as its initial launch window is coming to an end. As previously stated by Blizzard, Warcraft 3 Reforged is planned to come out until the end of the year and with 2 months remaining, BlizzCon 2019 might be a great place to announce its launch.


We dunno about you guys, but after recent controversies surrounding Hearthstone, we’d like to see some nice news about the game. If recent BlizzCons can be of any indication, we’ll most likely get a new expansion. However, we’d love to get some new play modes similar to the ones revealed last year.


Some internet sources captured our imagination with speculation regarding the Overwatch 2 reveal at BlizzCon 2019. However, you shouldn’t believe this for a second. Overwatch is being constantly updated and keeps on growing in popularity across YouTube and Twitch. We fail to see how Blizzard lightheartedly abandons this success and starts working on a new game, rendering all of its current progress pointless.

On the other hand, daddy Jeff Kaplan was quite sneaky and this usually means that something new is coming. If we were to believe that these Overwatch 2 rumors are at least partially true, we might come to the conclusion that Overwatch is getting a large scale expansion. In recent months the Overwatch team focused a lot on developing game’s lore, so maybe we’ll get some new content in the form of a full-fledged single-player campaign. Overwatch has many awesome stories to tell and this might be a great way to get players excited. Even those who don’t really like competitive shooters.


Ah yes… The franchise had a really rough year. Diablo Immortal angered the community and the only way to redemption is the new full-fledged Diablo game. Diablo 4 was rumored even before BlizzCon 2018, but some sources say that Blizzard decided to cut the announcement at the very last moment. This year there’s no turning back – either Blizzard announces a new Diablo game for PC (and hopefully consoles) or fans will be seriously pissed, this time for real. Mark our words – something big related to Diablo is coming for sure.


And lastly, Starcraft 2, which has been kind of forgotten in recent years. We expect that this year won’t be any different. It would be a really weird decision to do something RTS-related near the re-release of Warcraft 3 Reforged. However, we wouldn’t exclude the possibility to see some kind of Starcraft spin-off. Who knows, maybe in a surprise reveal we’ll get some news on a long-rumored Starcraft shooter game, or Starcraft MMO.

Heroes of the Storm

A new hero and a new map? Might be… After Blizzard cut off the ties to Heroes of the Storm Esports, the team behind the game got some additional time to focus on the game’s content. We’ve seen a couple of new heroes – the latest being Qhira, a nexus born hunter. Maybe the second nexus based hero is an early indication that Blizzard has plans to expand the game even further. We wouldn’t count on it but you never know…

New IPs and legacy games

Before the official announcement of Overwatch, nobody had any clue it’s coming, so who knows, maybe this year might bring back some of the same magic. Blizzard constantly reiterates that almost half of the company’s game projects never see the light of day and after such a rough year, Blizzard might want to use some work in progress to get its mojo back. Even though the release of a new IP might be far off, Blizzard might want to give some teases about it.

On the other hand, Blizzard is a company that thrives on developing games for their existing IPs. A hype surrounding Warcraft 3 Reforged wasn’t something that passed by unnoticed, so we wouldn’t be surprised if we got something old remade anew. The Lost Vikings Remaster? Warcraft 1 and 2? We got WoW Classic, so why the hell not?

In any case, we’ll get some real facts on November 1st as the opening ceremony will reveal the most important news regarding Blizzard’s intentions. The opening show will be streamed live to everyone for free, but in case you trust our gut and want to dive deeper into BlizzCon 2019, we suggest you pick up a virtual ticket. You can purchase one significantly cheaper if you use our Blizzard wallet credits.