It’s been over half a year since Blizzard released its highly anticipated World of Warcraft Classic. 8 months were enough for initial hype to wear off and World of Warcraft Classic to nearly complete its phased launch. Now, Blizzard started to think about the future of the game and send out surveys that hint about the possible World of Warcraft Classic transition to The Burning Crusade expansion.

The survey which was sent out to some World of Warcraft Classic players asks a bunch of questions regarding server issues, but some questions are geared towards the release of the very first World of Warcraft expansion. For example, the survey features a question “How interested are you in a “Classic” version of the Burning Crusade”, allowing respondents to choose an option between “Not at all interested” to “Extremely interested”.

Later, the survey also pops a question about how players would like to start their character in “Classic” Burning Crusade. Respondents could choose to continue playing their current character as it progresses to the Burning Crusade, with an option to transfer it to a Classic server that will never progress past level 60, transfer their character to a new Burning Crusade realm, create a new character from level 58 or create a new character at level 1.

Essentially, the survey is voicing everything World of Warcraft: Classic community has been rambling about for a while. World of Warcraft Classic’s content is about to end, so everyone is thinking about the future. An option to select your preferred path would be a great one, but this would scatter World of Warcraft’s player base even further and might be a real puzzle for Blizzard.

However, we can be pretty sure that in one form or another The Burning Crusade Classic is inevitable. If Blizzard is asking player opinion on the topic that means that the tech is there and it’s only a matter of selecting a great way to release it. We personally wouldn’t mind to run through The Burning Crusade raids or play some old school arena one more time… Who knows, maybe we’ll learn more about this in the coming Blizzcon if it’s not canceled.