Newest Valve-developed card collecting game Artifact just got its first update. The 1.1 update titled Call to Arms brought three types of open tournaments to speed up tournament play and two new decks – Death from Above and Dark Aggro.

Up until now, Artifact required players to set up their own tournaments inviting players to participate manually. 3 new types of tournaments enhance the process allowing to select the most convenient option for the player. Here are the new tournament options:

Automated – as the name suggests, this tournament can be played with a single click of a button.

Pauper – Called ‘Inaugural Open Tourney’ this type might be subject to change. This type will change over time pitching players in different themed competitions. The first one permits to enter players with common cards decks, however, players can switch their decks after every match.

Free For All – gauntlet mode tournament where the player has to beat as many opponents in 3 hours time frame. Whoever claims the most victories – wins.


You can read the full patch notes here.