If you’re playing Apex Legends right from the start, you might’ve already forgotten what it feels like to run around Kings Canyon. It was the original map of Apex Legends which was replaced by the current World’s Edge. However, it seems like Kings Canyon is making its way back for a limited time.

The developer of Apex Legends, Respawn Entertainment, shared a new Tweet in which they announced that starting today and until February 24th (basically this weekend only), in addition to World’s Edge, Season 1 Kings Canyon will also open its canyons!

According to the information provided, Kings Canyon will be available through a separate playlist, similar to previous limited time events.

If you’re asking the right question – “why is this change for this weekend only and not a permanent feature?” – we have our version of an answer. Respawn Entertainment might not be sure how the matchmaking will be affected after players will be able to choose between two maps. It might not see any difference or it might split the player base. We think this is a test and if it will be successful we might see the permanent return of Kings Canyon.