With Anthem game quickly approaching its release date, EA marketing draws new weapons in order to even further boost the players’ anticipation for the title. Game’s YouTube channel just released a short teaser for an unexpected live-action short titled ‘Conviction’, which was created by Neill Blomkamp.

To those who don’t know who Neill Blomkamp is, he’s the guy behind critically acclaimed movies such as District 9, Elysium and Chappie. If by some chance you’ve missed any of these, you might also know Neill as the guy who created an awesome Halo Landfall live-action short dedicated for Bungie’s Halo series. Furthermore, Neill Blomkamp was also directing a full-scale Halo movie until the project was cancelled.

The new Neill Blomkamp’s directed short for Anthem will give some background about the game prior to its release. EA describes ‘Conviction’ as a story set decades before the beginning of the game.

‘In the short, people will see the in-game player city of Fort Tarsis come to life, as well as the freelancers that live within it. The freelancers along with their Javelin exosuits, have been re-created by Neill’s team, with an intention to show them in action as they fight off the main villain and head of the evil Dominion faction, the Monitor.’

‘Conviction’ will land on YouTube on February 14th, while the Anthem game will launch on February 22nd on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.