We already have the most popular Twitch streamer of 2020. Who could’ve guessed that it will be a popular politician playing one of the most popular games about betrayal and inviting young audiences to vote in the upcoming election? Yesterday Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez streamed Among Us on Twitch and managed to reach a peak of around 430,000 concurrent viewers.

This is by far the biggest single-person stream in 2020 and is closing in on the all-time record. For comparison, Ninja and Drake Fortnite live stream reached more than 600,000 concurrent viewers. However, that was back in 2018 when Fortnite was huge and Ninja was the ultimate Twitch boss.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez wasn’t alone on her 3-hour long stream. She was accompanied by popular streamers like Pokimane, HasanAbi, Jacksepticeye, Moist, Dr Lupo, and Disguised Toast, so the real numbers of this event might be even higher.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez wasn’t the only candidate playing the game. Another US representative, Ilhan Omar, took part in the live stream event as well. She even posted a Tweet:

If you’re interested to see the full thing, be sure to click this link and watch the full recording of the stream. If you’re not sure, if it will be interesting enough for you, here’s a video of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez killing Pokimane.