You might be used to playing as the good guy in video games, trying to overcome the forces of evil and become the superhero everyone has dreamt of being, at least in their childhood. That’s not the only way you can have fun in gaming and playing games where you can be evil can provide a different, yet equally entertaining experience. Those are the games for people who always used to cheer on the bad guy when watching their favorite cartoons or movies! There is nothing wrong with it at all unless you actually go out and do the evil things in real life, so why not enjoy a little bit of a villainous life! In all honesty, the super-hero good guy storyline has gotten slightly old by now and getting the chance to play as the villain is a breath of fresh air.

You can expect such games to have a much darker, sinister story than usual, however, that is to be expected out of games where you can be evil!  To be a true antagonist you have to be fearless and absolutely brutal! Needless to say, the games you will see below are not for the faint of heart and may feature some extremely graphic violence, so don’t say you haven’t been warned!

Overlord II

Overlord II is a fantasy RPG developed by Triumph Studios and Virtual Programming that provides the player with the opportunity to take over the world! A horde of minions is always by your side to carry out your sinister intentions while the character you play as is immensely powerful by itself! It is definitely one of the games where you can be evil as you can turn the whole human race into slaves, kill endless innocent victims and showcase your dominance! If that’s not a super villain, what is?


You decide what you want to do – leave no one in your way alive and tear down the land completely or take on an even more sinister role and torture the world slowly, sucking the life and resistance out of it bit by bit, it does not get any more evil than that!

Party Hard

Party Hard does not sound like a game that would be fitting for this list looking just at the name. However, what you find behind the name is one of the games where you can be evil beyond control. The premise of the game is simple – you are irritated by your neighbor partying all the time and you only have one choice. No, not calling the police! You have to go to your neighbor’s house and kill everyone involved, obviously!

party hard game

You will have to sneak into the party unnoticed and take everyone out, leaving no man alive, you standing among the dead bodies, with the music still playing loudly in the background! You will have to prove your criminal mind in one of the games where you can be evil, otherwise, you will fail. You deserve some peace and quiet after all, even if it means killing dozens of people.


Just looking at the title of this game leaves no doubts – something sinister is hidden within. In Hatred, you have no real reason to kill other than the fact that you hate everyone! For the main character, this seems to be enough of a reason, though. You have no regard for human life, which only makes it easier to pull the trigger. Calling Hatred simply one of the games where you can be evil is an understatement. It is a definition of the word “sinister”, a creation of pure evil that will make you question yourself and whether or not you are normal to enjoy a game of this kind!

hatred game

Needless to say, this game features a lot of graphic violence. It also involves rapid decision making and stealth tactics in order to not be taken down before your goal is met. You shall not lay down before you are ready to go to hell, and hell is where you belong after all of the things that you will do when playing Hatred!


No list of games where you can be evil can ever be complete without Lucius, a game of pure evil that takes on a classic horror movie storyline to another level in gaming. Here you play as a little boy named Lucius, who was born on June 6th, 1966, and was a normal boy until the day he turned 6 years old. Satan takes over his soul, urging Lucius to create perfect conditions for some unhappy “accidents”. It turns out the boy is a child of Satan himself and has now earned all kinds of powers, none of which will be used for a good cause!

lucius game

It is one of the games where you can be evil to a degree that feels a bit like you are actually losing your own sanity little by little. Your task when playing as Lucius is to use your powers, which include mind control and telekinesis, to create accidents that kill the residents of your house one by one. By the end of it, no one but you should be living in the house known as Dante Manor. As with the previous game, the violence is extremely graphic and is not for the sensitive folk!

Grand Theft Auto V

GTA V may not be the first title you think of when considering games where you can be evil simply because it does provide such a fun and care-free experience. However, when you really come to think of it, the things you do in Grand Theft Auto V are pretty mean, bad, and very illegal! Even the main story gets you involved in all kinds of drug dealing, violence, and car theft, not to mention the kinds of stuff you can get into when just roaming the open world!

gta v

All of the killing, police chases, and straight up destruction that you can do, causing endless peaceful civilians to lose their lives is enough for GTA V for be called one of the games where you can be evil! Hidden under the façade of a fun, cheerful, comical game there are some pretty mean intentions, which only makes the game more diverse and is one of the reasons why it is still one of the most popular games in the world!

If you want to take on the role of a bad guy or a straight up murderous villain, look no further than the games above. They truly capture the spirit of games where you can be evil in more ways than one, providing some of the most intense and immersive experiences in gaming that allow you, the player, to get out of your comfort zone playing as a superhero and experience life as a terrible villain!