Just recently, Infinity Ward announced experimenting with Call of Duty: Modern Warfare’s popular game mode Gunfight. While the standard for the mode is 2v2, after some consideration the developer decided to add 3v3 option too. And it won’t take long! According to Infinity Ward, the new mode should make its debut to the playlist today, on January 14th.

If you loved playing Gunfight OSP, don’t worry, Gunfight Trios won’t be replacing your favorite mode and will only expand your options. However, it’s the only new option for the Gunfight. While some fans were hoping for 1v1 addition, it seems that for now, Infinity Ward stands against it.

3v3 Gunfight won’t be the only addition coming to the game with January 14 update. In addition to the Gunfight Trios, Infinity Ward is also bringing back some older game modes which were removed for some time – Cranked and Drop Zone. Cranked was all about getting kills in a quick fashion while Drop Zone rewarded players with care packages for playing the objectives.

Oh, and one last thing we need to add. After you learn to play these new modes, be sure to play the game over the weekend. Infinity Ward has revealed that from January 17 until January 21st there will be another Double XP weekend which should boost player numbers and enable more detailed testing of the new mode. You can pick up another limited time XP booster to further enhance your XP gains.