While most of the World of Warcraft community is buzzing about the new World of Warcraft: Shadowlands expansion, there still are a bunch of purists who are waiting for the final challenge of WoW Classic – the biggest and the hardest raid of the days of old – Naxxramas.

Naxxramas will be added to the game with WoW Classic’s Phase 6 which is scheduled to begin on December 1st. However, the raid won’t be open right from the get-go. Blizzard recently updated players that Naxxramas will be unlocked on December 3rd, at 4 PM central time. Two days before the raid opens, players will get a chance to participate in a classic Scourge Invasion event that will allow players to farm Necrotic Runes. These can later be used to create Consecrated Sharpening Stones and Blessed Weapon Oils – the best weapon enchants you can pick up for fighting undead in Naxx.

If you haven’t heard about Naxxarmas before, you should know that it’s an interesting 40-player raid with 4 distinct wings that has 3 bosses each. Upon completing all of the wings, the player unlocks a teleporter in the center of the raid where they can take up the two remaining challenges – a huge frost dragon Shaphirron and the final boss of the raid (and World of Warcraft: Classic for that matter) – Kel’Thuzad. 

Back in the day, the Naxxramas raid required a lot of preparation – players had to stack frost resistance in order to survive Saphirron’s and Kel’Thuzad’s attacks. It’s worth pointing out that during Naxxramas original roll-out, only 0,5 percent of the player community managed to kill the final boss of the raid. Maybe that was the reasoning behind Naxxramas return in the Wrath of the Lich King expansion where the iconic raid was reintroduced as a 10 and 25 player challenge. However, nowadays all the big classic WoW legends falter super fast, so we wouldn’t be surprised to learn about the World First Kel’Thuzad kill in a day or two after the raid launches… What can we say, people have learned to play the game since 2006.

And with this WoW Classic will be over. WoW: The Burning Crusade Classic next?