Some time ago we shared a lot of news about new games coming from Riot. One of the biggest and most anticipated one, Project A, from now on is known as Valorant. According to Riot, Valorant is a precise, competitive FPS in which unique character abilities create opportunities for your gunplay to shine. During a preview event for this new game, Riot shared some details about the title. Let’s take a look at what we know about Valorant at this moment.


First and foremost Valorant is a tactical FPS game that puts heavy emphasis on precise gunplay similar to the likes of Rainbow Six Siege or Counter Strike. However, instead of traditional operators, Valoran will host a variety of heroes called Agents, each with its own unique abilities to alter the flow of the battle – create walls, do additional damage, scout enemies and so on. You can check out the game in action in a video below.


Similar to other popular team-based shooter Overwatch, Valorant will have a huge roster of Agents that players will be able to select before a match. However, unlike Overwatch, you won’t be able to swap out your Agent mid-match so the decision to pick a certain character will be more important. Each agent will have 4 abilities including one ultimate.

For now, there are 8 confirmed agents – Phoenix, Jett, Viper, Sova, Cypher, Brimstone, Sage, and Omen. Riot said that it will be adding more in the future. You can check out all agents in action in a Click Heads’ video below:


Since it’s a new game many Riot Games’ fans were alarmed about being able to play Valorant on their old PCs. Well, you shouldn’t worry as Riot Games confirmed that even 10-year-old hardware should be capable of running the game. According to the news, Valorant will be able to run at the lowest possible specs at 30 frames per second on an Intel Core i3-370M CPU with an Intel HD 3000 integrated GPU. That’s pretty low specs… If you have a new PC you’ll be able to enjoy all the glorious 60 frames per second in high resolution without any worry.

Release date and price

Finally, there’s the question about the release and price of Valorant. According to the news provided by Polygon, the game should become available in summer 2020. However, we still don’t know if it will launch as a closed or open beta around that time. Knowing Riot and how Legends of Runeterra and League of Legends went down previously, we shouldn’t be waiting long for a global release.

As for the price, for now, there is no concrete news about the pricing of the game. However, Riot Games confirmed that Agents of Valorant will have a variety of skins which indicated a similar monetization model to League of Legends where the base game is free of charge. It would be a smart move considering that amongst its competitors only Counter Strike is free-to-play. We’ll just have to wait and see.