Like one goose wasn’t enough, we’re getting a second one. In a surprise announcement, developers from House House revealed a new update for their highly successful Untitled Goose Game. This one brings an option to play this game together with your friend using a single computer.

As the description states, the new update will enable us to play the entire game with two players and will encourage teamwork to get out, or in our case – get in trouble. According to developers, this new addition to the game features “new goose, new honk, still horrible”.

It’s worth noting that this will be a free update so if you already own Untitled Goose Game you won’t need any additional purchases. In addition, House House stated that in line with this new addition the Untitled Goose Game will also be released on some new gaming platforms – PC players will be able to download it from Steam and, while PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch gamers can start pre-ordering physical copies of this awesome game.

According to the information provided, a free local co-op update of Untitled Goose Game should be released on September 23rd. The game will debut on Steam and physical format in consoles on September 29th.