Two Point Studios doesn’t stop surprising. Last month the studio announced that their hit game Two Point Hospital will be coming to consoles. This week, Two Point Studios also revealed the new DLC called Two Point Hospital: Close Encounters. As the name suggests, we’re getting aliens.

According to the description, the new DLC will introduce three new hospitals alongside new locations, 34 new illnesses (including 11 visual illnesses), three new cure rooms, as well as new challenges, and features. Of course, all of this will be wrapped into a humorous setting of Two Point Hospital. 

Here’s the trailer:

According to the developers, the Close Encounters expansion will release on Steam on August 29th and for a couple of days will be a bit cheaper if you already own Two Point Hospital. Be sure that you do, because we have an awesome price for it.

As for the console release, Two Point Hospital should be coming out on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch in late 2019.