Apex Legends, a team-based battle royale game is making huge strides towards securing its spot as a go-to battle royale for esports. During the weekend, Respawn Entertainment hosted their first-ever official tournament which saw 20 teams competing for the first Apex Legends champions title and 500 000 dollars prize pool.

The tournament finals featured a lot of big names, certainly familiar to those who are fans of esports. 20 teams list included organizations such as TSM, Natus Vincere, Counter Logic Gaming, G2 Esports and many more. The finals took 11 intense matches to flush out the winner. During the last match, TSM came out on top with a final victory and the biggest number of points throughout all games. They took home the lion’s share of the 500 000 dollars prize pool.

While this was just the second official Apex Legends tournament, it’s definitely not the last. During the event, Respawn Entertainment and EA promised to share more information regarding Apex Legends tournaments for 2020 and beyond in the upcoming months.

As for now, this is a great start of Apex Legends esports. During the final games, the tournament’s stream was one of the most viewed channels on Twitch, so this might mean that we have yet another popular esport discipline on our hands. Keep those tournaments coming!