What is the setting for Trine 4: The Nightmare Prince?

Just as the previous iterations, Trine 4 release is determined to wow the fans with brilliant environments, vivid characters, breathing living world and, of course, fantasy. Many would probably agree that one of the attractive features to the game is the pure and undisguised fairy-tale tone – talking animals, mythical beasts, magical treasures and a whole array of astounding fantastic adventurous encounters. And the fourth part is set to not disappoint. In addition to puzzles, you will have to guide the trio of heroes through a realm that is plagued by nightmares.

Such a grim situation is the main premise for Trine 4 release. A stubborn prince decided to test out his hand at being a magician against the word of caution, and now it’s your turn to not only bring the young royalty home but save the land from impending doom. It’s an adventure like no other, full of joyous discoveries and even mind-twisting puzzles – a perfect game for those who want to take things at their own pace and take in the beauty of the overall design.

Who are the protagonists of Trine 4: The Nightmare Prince?

As with the previous three games, Frozenbyte decided not to reinvent the wheel. Trine 4 release sees the return of the beloved trio of protagonists, and their skills and utilities remain mostly unchanged. Zoya the Thief is still the nimble character that can use the grapple hook to reach far-off places. And when facing danger, her trusty bow is still by her side! She might a bit on the weaker side in melee combat, but that’s why you have Pontius the Knight in the roster. This strong warrior is best suited to smack the enemies around… or open the pathways by smashing breakable objects.

His utility is mostly used in combat and Trine 4 release is not set to change that, as the character is most sturdy of the lot, even if not the most graceful. Speaking of grace, the last of the Trine is Amadeus the Wizard with the power of levitation and object manifestation. He is the most puzzle-oriented of the companions, mostly because his skillset is preferred when searching for a solution to a variety of problems.

Does Trine 4 The Nightmare Prince have an ability tree?

The core of the trio is intact, and the fans of previous games will fall right into the groove. However, a new game can’t be without additions. This time, Trine 4 release will give the player a bit more control over the skills characters can use. Nothing overly major, but compared to the previous Trine games, you will be able to decide if certain skill upgrades are worth spending upgrade points for, or if you want to dedicate them to another cause. Among the new skills, there’s Zoya’s ability to fire an arrow after a successful roll, and Amadeus can now learn to slam the object he levitates down to the ground. Explore and find your favorite combos or playstyles!

Will Trine 4 The Nightmare Prince have a multiplayer?

Yes! Some might argue that this is how Trine 4 release is meant to be played, but ultimately solo and co-op plays are fun in slightly different ways and for separate reasons. Multiplayer can be set up with up to four other players, but once you select your preferred character, you will no longer have the ability to swap (like you can in the single-mode). However, that does not mean that you and your friends all have to cover the original composition, otherwise you lose. Not at all!

Frozenbyte ensured that if your set up doesn’t contain one of the characters, the corresponding puzzles will not appear in your run. Trine 4 release gives the players a degree of freedom, so if you want to make a team of four Pontius’, you can do just that! The game will get rid of rope and levitation puzzles, so you and your companions will only have to smash your way forward (with occasional redirecting of light and/or water streams, because that’s another great utility for Pontius’ shield!).

Can you play Trine 4 The Nightmare Prince on Nintendo Switch? 

Yes, you can! In fact, you can play Trine 4 on all the current consoles – PlayStation 4 and Xbox One – as well as PC. Any way that you prefer to play, Trine 4 release caters to it! However, keep in mind that there isn’t any cross-platform play in the plans, at least for now! But hope dies last, and while you wait, you can still have a fun time with friends, you just need to coordinate on what platform you will be playing. But since the selection is there, there’s very little to stop the most creative compositions. And as long as you have fun, Trine 4 would have done its job.

Is Trine 4 release worth acquiring?

This is probably the most important question regarding any of the upcoming titles. And keeping Trine 4 release in mind, as is usual, there is versatility and ambiguity in the answer. If you like puzzles, this one is for you. If you enjoyed the previous titles, grab Trine 4 without a doubt! If you enjoy Frozenbyte games, this one is a return to the roots and will not disappoint. However, also understand that it’s not a free expansive adventure, you will not have your personal avatar and there’s very little in terms of story depth. Whether you enjoy the game depends on what sort of genres you like.

Yet, if you are seeking a light-hearted adventure that imitates a fairy tale, Trine 4 release is a must-have! The game doesn’t take itself too seriously, instead, the developers focused on crafting fun puzzles that a player will enjoy. Following the seemingly generic storyline of saving the world, you will get the most enjoyment out of the game’s mechanics. There are creative ways to approach the puzzles, and while some might be obvious, there’s also a level where you will have to stop and think very hard. The enemy ambushes might not present a mortal challenge, but they will definitely test your reaction and planning. Overall, it is our honest opinion that Trine 4 release is one of the better things to come out this season! It’s fun, sufficiently entertaining, and so very fantastic!

For that reason, we’re offering the title for a fantastic price! Check it out on our store.