Hello and welcome to all the otakus, narutards, animeology graduates, and anime fans in general! While our knowledge on anime series is quite up-there, we undoubtedly know that some of you would still overshadow us by a large margin. So, we honorably leave the anime series discussion for that most-daring.

For today, however, we’ve still decided to present an anime-related article, just from the perspective that let’s say… we are more than familiar with. Today’s all about anime games for PC! So, if you’ve spent most of your time watching the beautiful Japanese series, time to pick up your keyboard or a controller, and put all that theory into practice!

Some of the anime games for PC discussed below are the digital alternatives to their picturesque origin. Others emerged as anime-based games without no anime series background at all. However, the few latter variants became so successful that the manga collections, novel series, and even OVA anime series were created afterwards! Enjoy our listing of TOP 5 anime games for PC!

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TOP 5 anime games for PC – Dragon Ball: Xenoverse 2

This Bandai Namco Entertainment released fighting RPG captivates with unprecedented detail and remarkable resemblance to the real-cinematic-deal. The original anime, by many, is considered as the Father and the Mother to the supernatural fighting adventure anime genre. And now, the Dragon Ball once again is digitalized to the 3D format, and of course, is among our TOP 5 Anime Games for PC!

Dragon Ball: Xenoverse 2 follows the unprecedented success to its predecessor game and presents a similar type of structure in terms of its gameplay. Choose one of the five available races, traverse numerous familiar locations, fight countless epic battles, and immerse in the game-unique narrative! Follow and uncover the events two-and-a-half years after the first Xenoverse game.

TOP 5 anime games for PC – Dragon Ball FighterZ

What can we say, Dragon Ball is Dragon Ball! It’s only natural that more than one game about this legendary anime is exceptionally unique to meet the requirements of our listing. And so, Dragon Ball FighterZ is one of our TOP 5 Anime Games for PC features as well. This Unreal Engine 4 driven, Bandai Namco Entertainment published, and Dragon Ball anime series-inspired 2D fighting game simply captivates!

If you’re a fan of the anime, you sure know how gorgeous, immersive, and breathtaking those fighting scenes were! Do you miss them? Dragon Ball FighterZ game is all about those non-interruptible, overpowered duels! Form a team by picking 3 out of 24 cultic characters, learn their extraordinary moves and combos, and wipe your competition from the face of the earth! Collecting Dragon Balls during a fight and engaging in ‘Dramatic Finishers’ comes as a given!


Honestly, this listing could as well be renamed to ‘TOP 5 Anime Games by Bandai Namco Entertainment’, as yet another anime-based game comes precisely from this publisher! Prepare to meet and greet NARUTO SHIPPUDEN: ULTIMATE NINJA STORM 4! If you’re into the Naruto saga, this game comes as a definite must for every single anime fan out there. The game presents an unprecedented narrative, as well as precise mechanics, captivating gameplay, and overall thrilling experience.

Our TOP 5 Anime Games for PC listing simply wouldn’t be the same without this one in it. The game presents vertical landscape and so wall-running is quite an activity here! Ultimate Jutsu and Awakenings are also a major part of this awesome fighting game, so stay agile, versatile, and sharp! It is true that this game portrays battles of immense scale and proportion, however, the narrative which you’ll be able to relive once more is not the least bit less captivating. The difference is that this time you’re not watching – this time you’re deciding the fate of the world with your own hands!

TOP 5 anime games for PC – Ni No Kuni 2: Revenant Kingdom

Who else if not Bandai Namco Entertainment would present us with another captivating anime-like piece! Prepare to immerse in the world split in four realms. Ni No Kuni 2: Revenant Kingdom is an exceptional JRPG which offers a truly breathtaking experience. The game is a sequel to Ni No Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch, however, the action takes place hundreds of years after the events of its predecessor.

This captivating title is in our TOP 5 Anime Games for PC listing because of its captivating original story and the anime-like nature. The game isn’t based on an anime series and the game’s narrative is a completely original tale, however, there’s an interesting fact about Ni No Kuni game – it’ll be adapted into an anime film this summer! How’s that for an achievement?! If you are into anime, Ni No Kuni 2: Revenant Kingdom cannot be watched as an anime yet, but it can be played as a game, and it’s worth it beyond words!

TOP 5 anime games for PC – Tales of Symphonia

This one is from an ‘old but gold’ directory, and the game has attracted our attention for more than one reason for sure. First, Tales of Symphonia JRPG was released back in 2003, and the PC users got it available on Steam just three years ago! Second, it’s a Final Fantasy game unlike any other of the Namco Tales classics. And third, the Tales of Symphonia game was so awesome that it inspired seven manga adaptations, six anthology collections, traditional manga series, two novel adaptations, and seven drama CDs!

If you’re an anime fan, you might have come across upon the Tales of Symphonia manga, but did you know it had started from a digital game?! It’s in our TOP 5 Anime Games for PC listing, and we do think that this one could also compete as one of the best classic RPGs of all time! The scenario is pretty straight-forward; the world is slowly befalling to evil, the resource known as mana is depleting and a hero is needed to save the day! Guess who’s to assume the chosen one’s role? Anyhow, no matter its straight-forwardness, it’s a story you won’t forget!