Fair warning – if you’ve never played The Walking Dead game series, there might be some spoilers ahead.

Do you remember the time when we thought that Telltale Games disbanded for good and The Walking Dead game will remain without its ending? Back then, only the first episode in the so-called ‘The Final Season’ was released with no news about the closure of the story. However, Skybound Games stepped in and acquired The Walking Dead IP, completing the final season of the game. Or so we thought. Recent leaks suggest that Skybound Games are ready to create yet another season of The Walking Dead game.

Of course, they are… Why else would you pay a ton of money to save an IP? The Walking Dead series might be the most successful thing Telltale Games ever made and can be very profitable on its own, without any additional and less popular games Telltale Games made over the years. Yes, The Walking Dead: The Final Season concluded the story and ended Clementine’s journey, but there are countless possibilities and characters to explore in the future. With that in mind, don’t forget that this is a leak and no leak is 100 certain.

According to the leak, Skybound Games is creating a new The Walking Dead season called A Fatal Frontier in hopes to move away from the established formula of continuous story development and an aim to tell a separate tale. It will also ditch the episodic structure, but the game should remain about the same length. If A Fatal Frontier proves to be successful, we might see even more The Walking Dead series games with various different characters and tales in the future.

It sounds a bit weird. As we said, it’s not official yet, so there might be a fair share of fan-fiction hiding behind this leak. However, the leaker suggests that The Walking Dead: A Fatal Frontier will be officially revealed during the PC Game Show stream which is scheduled for June 6. If that’s the case we’ll know some true details about the new season in less than a month.