Good news, everyone! Yesterday Obsidian Entertainment announced that their highly anticipated RPG game, The Outer Worlds, will be coming to Nintendo Switch console. The news was announced via a video posted on Nintendo YouTube channel in which the senior producer of the game, Matthew Singh, said that The Outer Worlds will come to Nintendo Switch following the launch of the other platforms.

However, it’s worth pointing out that the port for Nintendo’s console won’t be developed by Obsidian Entertainment. The task was dedicated to Virtuos, a studio with a solid experience of porting titles to Nintendo Switch. Previously Virtuos ported games such as L.A. Noire, Batman: Return to Arkham, and Dark Souls Remastered.

If by some chance you’ve missed the news about The Outer Worlds, we’re here to help. The game will allow players to immerse in a truly spectacular first-person role-play scenario. In The Outer Worlds, you will control your own character who has just awakened from hibernation in an unknown planet. You will have to explore it and find out the reasons for your stay. 

The game is already dubbed as “Fallout in space” and that’s quite an accurate description of what we’ve seen so far. According to the developers, The Outer Worlds will have a few different endings so expect your decisions to influence the final outcome. 

The game is set to be released on October 25th on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. We might expect a port for Nintendo Switch reach players during the holiday season.