One month ago, we’ve written an article about The International 2019 surpassing 15 million dollars milestone in record time. Back then we’ve predicted – this year The International is well on its way to beat the record of TI8. Well, it already did… with a couple of months to spare.

At the time of writing these words, The International 2019 prize pool is quickly approaching 27 million dollars mark which makes it the largest Dota 2 prize pool throughout the game’s history. You can check the exact numbers on a dedicated webpage. However, it’s still a few millions away from beating a record that was set by Fortnite World Cup, it will have 30 million dollar purse. However, Fortnite World Cup will happen on July 26-28, so Dota 2 players will have almost a full month to catch up.

If you’re a fan of Dota 2, you can help your game to retain the title of the biggest esports prize pool in history. While Fortnite World Cup prize pool is provided entirely by the publisher, Dota 2’s prize is being crowdfunded by players. Valve has contributed 1.6 million dollars as the basic prize pool, while the Dota 2 community builds it up via in-game purchases, through the Battle Pass. For every Battle Pass purchase, 25 percent goes towards the total prize pool of The International, while Valve keeps the remaining 75 percent as revenue.

Battle Pass includes in-game content and so-called Immortal Treasures. The first one dropped two months ago while the second one will be coming on July 5th. In addition, Valve will give players a chance to participate in a new Mo’rokai special event.

We don’t know about you guys, but we’re loving this sort of ‘the biggest prize pool’ race. After all, such competition allows esports to grow even further.