The developer of Tom Clancy’s The Division 2 was hard at work since the game launched last month. Massive Entertainment was working hard to fix the game’s bugs before focusing on releasing new content. Things are going to change tomorrow as the new game update titled The Division 2’s World Tier 5 releases live. Here’s a short summary of things to expect.

According to the developer, the next update is going to be The Division 2’s first “balancing pass” which will focus on skills and mods alongside other things. For example, 3 skills in specific are being targeted by the update:

– Sniper Turrets will track enemies and be controllable, allowing players to aim them at a foe’s specific body part, such as head or weak point.

– Chem Launchers can be activated and used as a weapon until they are put away, giving players more control of the skill.

– FireFly aiming has been reworked, making it so that players can mark their opponents more quickly.

Additionally, Massive Entertainment also intends to revamp the skill mods. The developer is changing the amount of skill power that can be gained from the gear in hopes to enable players to unlock more skill mods and thus, increase the viability of some builds. Weapon mods are also being updated. The update removes a lot of negative aspects about weapon mods leaving each weapon slot with no negative value.

The Division 2’s World Tier 5 also opens up Black Tusk’s Stronghold, Tidal Basin, weekly invasions, heroic difficulty, and also, brings the first Apparel Event and fixes a lot of annoying bugs. You can find all the details about the update in this Reddit thread.