The game’s early access stage is coming to an end but not without some mind-boggling statistics – as of 1:30 p.m. EST, the beta had 98,024 active players concurrently. Designed by creators of Left 4 Dead, The Black 4 Blood delivers an outstanding cooperative first-person shooter experience for those who desire the thrill of the adrenaline exploding in their veins.

Zombie survival games are no niche genre in the gaming industry, so the popularity of this new title is remarkable, to say the least. The popularity could be determined by the fact that, according to beta players, the game, with its gameplay mechanics, atmosphere, and premise, could be Left 4 Dead 3 that fans have been waiting for. By no means is Back 4 Blood is just the mirrored popular zombie survival franchise, but similarities are there and very welcome.

Back 4 Blood’s early access weekend began on Thursday, but it is not openly available to everyone instantly. Instead, fans have had to pre-order or register for the beta to gain access. Turns out that many players were interested enough to complete registration just to lay their hands on the early access of this brand new horror game. The popularity is so huge that Back 4 Blood broke into the top 10 most played Steam games.

Another notable fact is that it is currently a closed beta game. So only people who pre-ordered or otherwise snapped up some early code can play. The open beta will go live on August 12th and run until 16, so the number of active players will likely skyrocket. If you haven’t had the chance yet to dive into the game and see what the fuss is all about, then grab the opportunity before it slips away!