With the new Terminator movie being just around the corner, there will also be a new Terminator game. Yesterday, Teyon, a company known for their infamous Rambo: The Video Game, announced that it’s currently working on a new single-player first-person shooter game for PC and consoles called Terminator: Resistance.

According to the news, the game is set during the “Future War” happening 31 years after Judgement Day. You will control a new protagonist named John Rivers which is a soldier of the Resistance. For whatever reason, the machines want you dead so you have to fight in order to survive the onslaught. Yeah… it’s a pretty straightforward narrative.

However, the announcement trailer looks really good. At least the graphical side of the game seems on par with other popular current-gen sci-fi shooter games, which is always a plus. So, if you’re a fan of the Terminator franchise, keep an eye out for the release. The launch is set for November 15th in Europe and Australia. North American players will have to wait a few weeks longer with the release slated for December 3rd.