After a very successful test, Riot Games’ take on Auto Chess is finally coming out for everyone to try. The next League of Legends 9.13 patch is bringing the new game mode to the live servers, alongside a couple of game’s balance updates and a new champion, Qiyana.

However, if you wish to try Teamfight Tactics and are not interested in League of Legends at all, you should know that Riot Games made a great effort to ease your entry struggles. While you’ll still need a League of Legends account and client in order to start playing, you can mark the option that you’re interested only in Teamfight Tactics and the client will adjust accordingly.

The first week will be dedicated to familiarize players with the new mode. Riot Games have already released a new landing page with a couple of guides for Teamfight Tactics. After the initial week, Riot Games plans to introduce special missions for the mode in which you’ll be able to earn cosmetic rewards for your champions. Ranked mode is also on the horizon, however, Riot Games didn’t reveal when it will launch to live.

While it’s hard to predict how popular will the new mode be, it’s safe to assume that, for a while, regular servers might see a decline in player numbers. Teamfight Tactics begins to roll out in various regions today, starting with North America. It should become available to everyone by the end of the week.