Destiny 2: Shadowkeep launched just a couple of days ago inviting thousands of players to explore a huge variety of new content. While the new expansion gives a lot of reasons to play the game, the majority of PvE players are eagerly waiting for the major Destiny 2: Shadowkeep challenge – the new in-game raid called Garden of Salvation.

Yesterday, Bungie finally gave fans a chance to glance behind the curtain and released a new Garden of Salvation raid trailer which states that ‘all will be tested’. Take a look: 

Of course, the trailer doesn’t reveal many details about the new challenge. The video features a group of Guardians standing in front of a Vex gate which transports players to the Black Garden, a place where the entrance to the raid is hidden. It also features Guardians in various cool new armor bits that supposedly are the rewards for completing the Garden of Salvation. 

If you’re interested in joining the raid group and are ready to take on the biggest bad guys in Destiny 2: Shadowkeep, mark your calendars. Garden of Salvation will open its gates on October 10th. As always, this will kick-off a new World First race for the first group to beat it. Bungie made a pledge, that soon after the first team completes the raid, it will officially kick off the Season of the Undying which will unlock a lot of new content for the rest of the community, so that’s another reason to cheer for the best PvE players.

If you want to join the fun, be sure to check out our price for Destiny 2: Shadowkeep expansion. It’s now available on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.