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World of Warcraft: Classic is getting battlegrounds in December

More content coming to WoW Classic!

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It's time for World of Warcraft Classic's Phase 2!

PvP Honor System is now live...

Game news

Blizzard adds free character transfers for WoW Classic

Call your friends, make plans and finally start playing together.


A Gnome was first to breach the World of Warcraft Classic level cap! Over 350k witnessed it!

Jokerd created a Gnome Mage and went on to wreck everything in his sight for three consecutive days in order to become number 1!


World of Warcraft Classic: Queues to log in, queues to quest, queues to enjoy!

World of Warcraft Classic has just recently opened its multiple gates, and an insurmountable amount of players rushed into the realm of nostalgia, memories, and new-old adventures!

Editorial picks

More servers for World of Warcraft Classic!

WoW Classic is about to hit the scene and four more servers are joining the realm!

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World of Warcraft Classic realms are overpopulated prior to its launch

If you don't want to wait, change your realm now!

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You can now reserve your name for WoW Classic

Hurry, before all the cool names are taken!

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Final WoW Classic pre-launch test announced

The test will begin on Thursday, August 8th.


What's your pick? - World of Warcraft: Classic race guide

Whatever you choose, choose wisely...