Game news

Gears 5 is almost ready to kick off testing

The first testing phase will begin on July 19th.

Game news

PUBG is getting a new pinging system

The new feature is called Radio Message and will enable team members to communicate with ease.

Game news

Quantic Dream games are coming to PC soon

Players will be able to download demo versions prior to the full releases.

Editorial picks

TOP 5 anime games for PC

Some of the anime games for PC discussed in a text are the digital alternatives to their picturesque origin.

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Best PC games of the modern era

There’s no other gaming platform that can rival PC in terms of the sheer number of games available.

Game news

Crackdown 3 revealed the length of the campaign

Microsoft Studios creative director and writer Joe Staten revealed the campaign length for the game.

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6 best single-player PC games

We’ve prepared the 6-best single-player PC games ready for your utmost immersion and evaluation.


Full cross-platform play coming to Rocket League

Up until this point, Rocket League had a cross-play option with PC, however other consoles were not included in the fold.

Editorial picks

Top new PC games coming out in 2019

Let's take a look at the top upcoming games which will be available on multiple platforms including PC.