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Super Mario Maker 2 is getting a Legendary upgrade – Link joins the trials!

This week, the challenging title is getting a 2.0.0 update, and it’s bringing a ton of exciting features...

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Pokémon Sword and Shield became the fastest-selling games on Nintendo Switch

The game has sold more than 6 million units globally during its first week.

Game news

Pokémon 2019 release! Sword & Shield – questions and answers

Here’s everything you need to know about the upcoming Pokémon games.

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Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is now the best selling fighting game ever

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate smashed the record.

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Luigi's Mansion 3 Switch release – questions and answers

Everything you need to know about Luigi's Mansion 3 release!

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Overwatch Nintendo Switch release – play on the go!

From now on you can play Overwatch anywhere you go!

Game news

Untitled Goose Game is the best selling game on Nintendo Switch

It's a game that allows the player to become a goose and annoy the crap out of every living being around.

Game news

Super Mario Maker 2 adds new online co-op mode

1.1.0 update brings the new 'Play With Friends' mode.

Free to play

Auto Chess will make its way to consoles

Auto Chess should be released on consoles during 2020.

Editorial picks

5 best Nintendo Switch games according to our team

All of these games are worthy of your utmost attention!

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Luigi's Mansion 3 is getting paid multiplayer DLC

The game is dubbed as one of the most anticipated Nintendo Switch releases in 2019.

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The first three Dragon Quest games are coming to Nintendo Switch

The first Dragon Quest was released in Japan back in 1986.

Platform news

Nintendo Switch is soon to present one more neat gadget to their arsenal of ingenious devices.

Nintendo is coming up with an ingenious device for active lifestyle while gaming on Switch. Check it out.


Nintendo Direct 2019 September reveals, highlights, and announcements!

If you’re still considering whether acquiring a Nintendo Switch is a worthy investment it looks like this September’s Nintendo Direct, has the answer packed and wrapped in a red-coloured box – and it’s a big bad YES.


Astral Chain Nintendo Switch release tops UK charts and amazes the players!

PlatinumGames newest title is already dominating the number 1 position, leaving behind such titles as Control, Wreckfest, and The Dark Pictures Anthology: Man of Medan.