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Mei is coming to Heroes of the Storm

Blizzard in the Nexus!

Free to play

Deathwing is coming to Heroes of the Storm

What a welcome pre-BlizzCon surprise!

Game news

Gears 5 is getting six new playable characters

All characters will have their own unique abilities available for the Arcade mode.


Heroes of the Storm is getting a massive update and a new hero

So, you still think that Heroes of the Storm is a dead game?


Meet Sigma, the latest Overwatch hero

Blizzard finally unveiled the 31st hero of the Overwatch roster.


Blizzard teases Hero 31 for Overwatch

Jeff Kaplan confirmed that Hero 31 will be a male character.


Yuumi, the Magical Cat is the new League of Legends champion

Riot has confirmed that Yummi is a support type of character.


Anduin Wrynn is the latest Heroes of the Storm hero

Anduin will fill the role of support, healing his friends from a distance.


Meet Mars, the latest hero of Dota 2

Mars is now officially out and can be played by everyone.