DOTA 2 is getting a Netflix anime series

The show will debut its first 8 episodes globally on March 25th.

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Heroes of the Storm finally gets a new update

Blizzard worlds collide!


Dota 2 has the lowest player numbers since 2014

Valve needs to do something in order to save their MOBA....

Game news

Battleborn is shutting down its servers

Battleborn should be shut down on January 2021.


FunPlus Phoenix is League of Legends World Champions 2019 - how it happened?

Another LPL team claims League of Legends World Championship title.

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Deathwing is coming to Heroes of the Storm

What a welcome pre-BlizzCon surprise!


Heroes of the Storm is getting a massive update and a new hero

So, you still think that Heroes of the Storm is a dead game?


The International 2019 prize pool surpassed 30 million dollar mark

The title of the highest esports prize pool remains as it was...


League of Legends is banned in Syria and Iran

Iranian gamers were met by an unexpected message when trying to log into League of Legends client.


Riot Games is developing their own Auto-Chess mode

It's called Teamfight Tactics and should be released on June 25th.


DOTA 2's Auto Chess mod is getting its own game

Valve has announced that it will be creating a separate game based on a popular mod.

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League of Legends is coming to mobile

Riot Games might need more ways to monetize the game.


Yuumi, the Magical Cat is the new League of Legends champion

Riot has confirmed that Yummi is a support type of character.


Anduin Wrynn is the latest Heroes of the Storm hero

Anduin will fill the role of support, healing his friends from a distance.


Meet Mars, the latest hero of Dota 2

Mars is now officially out and can be played by everyone.