Game news

SUPERHOT VR is outselling its original

SUPERHOT VR sold over 800 000 copies across platforms.

Game news

The developer of Shovel Knight revealed its next game

Cyber Shadow is coming to PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch.

Game news

The developers behind Hyper Light Drifter announced their next game

Heart Machine teased us with their new game called Solar Ash Kingdom.

Editorial picks

Best indie games to be released in 2019!

Although there is no way to know for certain which ones will turn out to be the best indie games in 2019, some games have already managed to stand out of the bunch.

Game news

Hollow Knight will get a sequel

The new Hollow Knight game will follow the adventures of the mysterious princess Hornet.


What common qualities do the best games in the world have?

Fair warning! Ranking games from worst to best is very much a subjective matter.

Game news

Eneba is partnering up with the creators of Meeple Station

We're are super happy to announce that Meeple Station is now available for purchase on our store as our first officially licensed title.

Editorial picks

What do good indie games have to offer?

Let’s have a look at some good indie games that showcase the very best that the genre has to offer!

Game news

Indie Games Festival 2019 Awards finalists announced

Among the award nominees, there are a few that have received nominations in multiple categories.

Game news

Celeste will add new levels in the new year

Celeste recently won game awards for the Best Indie and Games for Impact.