Game news

Hitman 2 is getting its first major DLC

The DLC is now available for everyone with Expansion Pack 1 and Expansion Pass.


Starcraft reimagined as a cartoon

Carbot Animations is doing a new graphics pack for Starcraft: Remastered.

Game news

Total War: Three Kingdoms new DLC announced

Reign of Blood will launch on June 27th.

Game news

Borderlands 2 free DLC leaked

It's called Commander Lilith & The Fight for Sanctuary.

Game news

The new DLC for Stellaris is called Ancient Relics

The new addition is all about lost civilizations, and precursor races.

Game news

RAGE 2 content roadmap detailed

RAGE 2 will be released tomorrow on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

Editorial picks

Thoughts on Mafia III game and DLCs

Mafia III game plus DLCs brings quite different and much more overall appreciated experience.

Game news

Become a freelancer in the new free The Sims 4 update

In addition to the new ways to play, the April update brings a bunch of new goodies to the game.

Game news

Hitman 2 content roadmap for April revealed

The developers of Hitman 2 are far from finished with the game.

Game news

Ranger Update for Metro Exodus - what does it bring to the game?

6GB patch brings many new features alongside tweaks and bug fixes

Game news

Jump Force updates for 2019 announced

The publisher detailed free updates and paid DLCs for the game.

Game news

Sea of Thieves celebrating its first birthday

The event will begin on Friday, March 15th and will last until Monday, March 18th.

Game news

BioWare has released Anthem's roadmap for 90 days

Anthem might be setting its path for redemption after a buggy launch.

Game news

Negan and Julia will join Tekken 7 character roster

It's nice to see that even years after the release of the game, Bandai Namco is still supporting Tekken 7.

Game news

Monster Hunter World is celebrating its 1 year anniversary

Capcom decided to celebrate this occasion with a special in-game anniversary event.