Back in the day, BioWare’s Star Wars: The Old Republic was a very popular MMORPG game. It was made as a game where a player can become a citizen of the galaxy far far away. Naturally, it attracted a huge audience of Star Wars fans who are playing this game to this day. Now, with EA’s effort to release all their games on Steam, Star Wars: The Old Republic landed on the most popular PC gaming platform. The best part is that the game is free to start playing!

As with every free-to-play game, there are a few things worth noting. While the core of Star Wars: The Old Republic will be free, most of the content is still locked behind the subscription fee. Don’t sweat! Star Wars: The Old Republic’s free version has tons of content that will keep you busy for weeks, but if that’s not enough for you you can always decide to continue your journey with a premium account. 

For a monthly fee players in love with the core game will be able to access Onslaught, Knights of Eternal Throne, and Knights of the Fallen Empire expansions. These will raise your level cap and give you access to various new items, quests, and so on. In addition to a monthly fee, Star Wars: The Old Republic also features a few in-game purchases. You will be able to buy Jedi and Sith costume packs, though they do not influence your character’s power. 

This new offering seems like a great way to spend some quality time in the Star Wars universe with your friends. Going free-to-play might boost the game’s player numbers and revitalize the game… At least for the time being. It’s always more joyful to explore the universe with your friends, don’t you think?