Just a couple of days ago Paramount and SEGA officially released the first trailer for ‘Sonic The Hedgehog’ movie. In the trailer, fans across the globe finally got to see the new redesigned Sonic and his new looks didn’t impress. To put it bluntly our beloved blue hedgehog looks… well, weird. Here’s the trailer in case you’ve missed it:

Almost three decades of Sonic’s design evolution went through an open window since Paramount decided to give the gaming icon their own take on how it should look like. Naturally, fans did not like it and flooded the internet with memes, downvoting the movie trailer. Some even took it one step further by fixing Sonic’s looks themselves.

After several days of public ridicule, Jeff Fowler, director of the film, went on Twitter to ensure the fans that the team behind the movie heard the fan feedback and is already working on fixing the character.

So, we remain hopeful. Sonic The Hedgehog is one of the biggest characters in gaming so his proper transition to the big screen is a big deal to many gamers across the world. Even if the end result is not what we’re expecting it’s nice to know that SEGA and Paramount listen to feedback. We might’ve just saved Sonic.