Most of us know Slightly Mad Studios as a game developer. If you’re a fan of racing games, you’ve probably played their latest – Project Cars 2. Recently, the studio decided to take their business one step further and announced their plans to enter the hardware market.

Ian Bell, the CEO of Slightly Mad Studios, announced a tweet about the upcoming of ‘Mad Box’ as the most powerful console ever built. According to Ian, the new hardware system will be capable to run 4K resolution games and will support virtual reality (VR) devices. Additionally, Mad Box will offer developers full access to a free engine to develop games for this and other game platforms.

While some of you might look at this as a joke, this week Ian Bell went a few steps further. He also tweeted possible Mad Box designs and started a crowdsourcing campaign on creating a slogan for the new console. Ian Bell promised a 10K prize, as well as the life-long free games pass as a reward for the winner. You can also pitch your suggestion to Ian via Twitter.

Currently, all signs point that Slightly Mad Studios hopes to enter the console market with the upcoming generation. In an interview with Variety, company’s CEO revealed that conversations with various possible manufacturers are in progress, so technical Mad Box specs are yet to be confirmed.