If you’re a long time gamer, you know a thing or two about Serious Sam. It’s an iconic first-person shooter game where the player has to fight off hordes of enemies running backward and shooting stuff. Sounds simple, right? Well, it is simple and very fun! Now, after a long period of silence, we finally heard more news from Croteam, the developers of the game. According to the news, Serious Sam 4 should launch this summer.

In addition to this awesome news, the developers also shared a trailer filled with notalgia. Check it out:

According to the description, Serious Sam 4 will be released for PC and Google Stadia. Game’s debut is scheduled for August, but having in mind the current situation in the world we wouldn’t be so sure.

In any case, Serious Sam 4 looks like a game we all need. According to the news, the game will feature a lot of enemies… And we mean A LOT. According to the Croteam, the game will have a new Legion System which will allow developers to put more than 10 000 enemies in a single frame.

In addition, many classic modes known for series fans will be returning to the new iteration of Serious Sam – 4-player co-op, big open levels, and fan-favorite weapons. We told you – it’s a game we all need…