Rocket League is gearing up for the second season on the Epic Games Store and released a new trailer that reveals a bunch of new stuff coming to the game in the coming month.  The video description states that Rocket League Season 2 begins on December 9th.

With the new season, fans of Rocket League will get plenty of new collectibles to enjoy, and the majority of them will be awarded to everyone who owns a new Rocket Pass which will have 70 levels to unlock.

As always there will be plenty of new cars, skins, and so on, but the real meat of the season is a fresh way to customize. Season 2 will bring a new type of customization option for the players of Rocket League – it will come in a form of Player Anthems – unlockable music bits that are being played for everyone once the player scores a goal, or saves his team with an epic save. This music will be obtainable through free and paid Rocket League passes alongside some new items that will be added to the game later on. Who knows, we might be able to compose our own Player Anthems in the future.

In any case, it’s nice to see Rocket League serving up some new things even 5 years after its initial release. The game found a lot of new players after its transition to another PC launcher and we expect even more players joining the League on the next-generation consoles. We’re sure that Season 2 will be a blast!