If you’re into zombies, viruses, secret corporations, and never-ending, horror-induced action – there’s some great news! According to Gamstat, three awesome pictures has just hit the Japanese PSN database. Even though there’s no official date yet, now we know for sure – Resident Evil 3 remake is coming!

We did suspect that this day would come – ever since the first potential RE3 tease on 15th of April, we’ve been keeping our fingers crossed, and now, with the leaked images ahead of the official game’s announcement, we are as excited as it is humanly possible. Here’s the first twitter feed to show these:

As is shown in the pictures, we have our lovely protagonist duo Jill Valentine and Carlos Oliveira, ready and set for their remastered trials and alongside these two, we’ll also get to re-meet and re-fight the gruesome, the unholy, the big bad – Nemesis.

Prior to this leaked, we speculated: if the title is happening – when is the release date? Late 2020 with E3 showcase – in our eyes – was amongst the most likely possibilities, however, now we do hope that the upcoming Games Awards event will bring the official and joyous announcement. We can only wait and see, December 13th is not far off.

If by some chance you haven’t tried the RE2 rework first, we’ve got quite the offer for the title.