Over the weekend, Ubisoft announced some news regarding their tactical shooter game Rainbow Six Siege. According to the news, the game will get a new Battle Pass system which will introduce a new progression path to unlock cosmetics, renown boosters, and new operator lore.

The new Battle Pass will roll out in two phases. Phase 1 (or how Ubisoft called it “Mini Battle Pass”) will include a completely free 7-day pass “Call me Harry” for the new Ember Rise update. A bit later, Phase 2 will begin and introduce a full-fledged battle pass which will premiere alongside season 4 of Rainbow Six Siege. 

The new system streamlines the game progression. Instead of specific missions, players will earn the so-called Battle Points for each match they play. These battle points will level up your battle pass and earn you some sweet rewards. However, while Phase 1 in the new system will be free, Phase 2 will have two different options – one free and one paid.

You can learn more about the new update here. Be sure to check out our price for the game.