Last Sunday was a big day for Rainbow Six Siege players. In addition to the record-breaking The Six Invitational final where G2 Esports took down Team Empire, the developers also shared a lot of news about the upcoming season of the game. Year 4 will kick off with Operation: Burnt Horizon with even more content updates alongside some much-needed changes coming in the near future.

The development team splitting is one of the major changes regarding the game’s future content. During the stream, the team outlined their plans to tackle each part of the game individually. There will be separate teams for events, balance, maps, operators, and even those concerned with the player behaviour and toxicity. The developer hopes that this new approach to the game might help to ramp up the content in 2019. To get a better grasp on what Ubisoft has in store for this year, you can check out a roadmap for future operators and events.

The first batch of content reaches Rainbow Six Siege test servers today, allowing players to try out two new Australian operators. Fans of the game will remember them from a leak a few months earlier and Ubisoft has finally confirmed that the leak was true. However, much more new operators are planned for the rest of the year. Roadmap reveals that operators from Denmark, Peru, Mexico, Kenya, India and even from US Secret Service will be added to the game at a later date.

Year 4 also brings some Map changes. Ubisoft promised to rework at least 3 maps – Kafe Dostoyevsky, Kanal and Theme Park. This should include map visuals, layouts, and obstacles.

Ubisoft also has plans to make some changes to the gameplay. According to the current information, Year 4 will incentivise players think more before shooting. Ubisoft revealed that they’re implementing the system to prevent team killing. From now on, friendly fire will do reverse damage to the players. However, this will only activate after a player kills his teammate at least once.

Finally, Ubisoft has underlined the importance of in-game events. Year 4 will bring plenty of these along the line with various themes in mind. The developer revealed that the future in-game events will focus on testing the ideas which will alternate core mechanics of the game.

All of these future plans were labeled as a ‘new beginning’ for the Rainbow Six Siege. Fan reaction so far has been overwhelmingly positive and we can’t wait to get our hands on the new content!