Hello and welcome to the post-apocalyptic neo-punk inspired blast off between moronic mutants, savage wildlings, lowlife gangs, tech-consumed authoritarian regime, and you – the last ranger in this godforsaken wasteland that the cooperative efforts between Avalanche and Id Software made possible to achieve. Immerse in the open world of RAGE 2 game and experience some of the most frantic and devastating action sequences in quite a hefty while.

Truthfully, if you’re in search for a captivating story-based experience in which the blazing chaos is just a complimentary addition, RAGE 2 game shouldn’t be your first on the list. If you’re attracted by the open-world exploration that sets numerous adventures that far exceed the general plot line borders and allow you to create multiple inception-like narratives of your own, this title isn’t quite like that as well. HOWEVER, what RAGE 2 game brings on the table will exceed even your wildest expectations.

Ready? Set? Action! Your enemies’ body parts are flying off like they weren’t even intending to stay intact, multiple fellows just got pulled into a gravity-bending vortex and now what’s left of them is but a puzzle of organs and liquids, your shotgun is thumping people into another dimension, and you yourself often see it in a state of a psychedelic-induced trip. That’s RAGE 2 game for you, and the stuff you’ve just read about is a lot less over the top compared to the actual gameplay.

Today’s article has no intention to talk about some of the more apparent game’s shortcomings, for what it excels at far outshines its slip-ups. Today we’ll be talking about one of the elements that make RAGE 2 game exactly what it is, an adrenalin-fuelled, Superman’s wonderland with no kryptonite on sight. RAGE 2 game will provide you with some of the most mechanically and visually stunning weapons, powers, and vehicles – the foes you’ll encounter during the bloodshed fiesta also make for quite an excellent company to party with. But like we’ve said, today’s all about RAGE 2 weapons!

Sidewinder Pistol

In RAGE 2 game, weapons are the bread and butter to complement a well-put meal of action, and the FPS piece certainly isn’t short on options here. While you won’t start the game loaded with mean lead machines, you’ll gradually get there. Traverse the landscape, complete quests, level up and as you progress further, you’ll get to play with newer, better, and gradually more devastating toys of death. Your starting weapon is the Sidewinder Pistol – pistols are sort of negated in FPS games, however, this is RAGE 2 game, and the Sidewinder Pistol is quite a handy device.

Ranger Assault Rifle

Soon after the first few encounters with the Authority; you’ll witness one of your fellow rangers being gruesomely eaten by a humongous mutated beast. The guy drops a Ranger Assault Rifle, and you get to own it both in his memory and for your own entertainment. This rifle right here could accompany you throughout the whole RAGE 2 game as it is one of the most versatile toys in your arsenal, however, that would neglect a big portion of what’s still ahead.

Combat Shotgun

Next on the list is the Combat Shotgun, and if we know anything about ID Software, is that they would never disgrace the relationship between the character and his/her shotgun. RAGE 2 game follows on the developer’s sacred tradition and presents a Combat Shotgun of your dreams. This is the only weapon that you’ll get to discover in an Ark (during your very first mission Blackout), and as far as we are concerned – this bringer of death directly represents what RAGE 2 game is all about: the thump and the bang. The weapon kicks like a bull on steroids, thankfully, you’re on the good side of the barrel.

Smart Rocket Launcher


Are you looking for something heavier? Visit the Strongbox Ark in the Torn Plains, clear every living being in the area, and walk out carrying a Smart Rocket Launcher! The moment you acquire the weapon, it’ll only have 15 rounds but what 15 rounds those are! It’s advised to keep it for some harder encounters; however, the decision is entirely yours. The RAGE 2 game’s rocket blasting wonder has two firing modes, one for the single focus ‘big boom’ effect, and the other is for the ‘smart’ part as once turned on the rockets now lock onto their prey.

The Grav-Dart Launcher

Are you satisfied? So far, every single firearm in your disposal serves a purpose, but that’s about to end. The Southwest section of The Wilds has a Needle Falls Ark, the enemies around it are quite beefy, but the treasure inside is worth the trouble – not for its practicality, but certainly for the entertainment value. The Grav-Dart Launcher is simply cool. Being able to fling enemies into walls, one another, or exploding barrels is quite a sight, and by wielding this automatic sewing machine you’ll get to feel like a real artisan of the craft.

Firestorm Revolver

And RAGE 2 weapons only get crazier from here on out! Next on the list is the Firestorm Revolver, is it practical? Not really. Is it essential for the carnage? We’re glad you asked! Take a stroll through the Sekreto Wetlands, just Southwest of Kvasir’s lab, clear the lovely folks in the territory and find the Dank Catacomb Ark. In it, you’ll the hot and stingy Firestorm Revolver. While essentially this RAGE 2 weapon looks to shoot the same way every other revolver should, the real deal happens when, after a successful shot, you press L2/LT – now your enemies burst aflame, while in an alternate mode the revolver starts spitting out exploding mines! The effect is particularly beautiful during the night-time.


HYPER-CANNON will require hyper efforts. While some other RAGE 2 weapons were quite a breeze to acquire, this one offers quite a different scenario to behold. The strongest in-game enemies accompanied with a wicked boss are guarding this beauty and by no means should you underestimate them. The location is set on the Northern edge of the map in The Wilds, and the goodie is hidden inside the Greenhaven Ark. So, what’s the HYPER-CANNON all about? It’s a rail gun with which you’ll be able to lay down a platoon of foes without reloading once! Worth it?

Charged Pulse Cannon

Last, but certainly not the least on your RAGE 2 weapons list is the magnificent Charged Pulse Cannon. While you already own a cannon, this one is a very different kind of cannon! And if we’re talking about mayhem, carnage, brutality, and ultimate desolation – more cannons, is the way to go! It will take some time to acquire it, but intensely firing energy bolts is quite an activity! Anyway, here’s how it goes – destroy the Shrouded Sub Station Alpha/Bravo reactors, enter the enemy-infested Vault, kill everyone on sight and receive your reward! Voila!

BFG 9000

As far as RAGE 2 weapons go, there’s also one borrowed from elsewhere. BFG 9000 – the Legendary Doom’s device of abruption, for now, is only available to players with either the Deluxe or Collector’s Edition. We won’t explain about its use, nor of its capabilities, or the general potential. After all, the model is named BFG 9000 for a reason, and some reasons ask for no explanation. If you’re one of the proud owners of either of the two editions, you can locate the god’s tool on the site where the meteorite has crashed, it’s a bit north of the Vineland, right by the three-way crossing!