Only one day remains until the anticipated RAGE 2 game launches across all platforms. Yesterday, the publisher of the game, Bethesda, has tweeted a new picture featuring content calendar for 2019. Alongside paid DLCs it also features a lot of free stuff.

First of all, it’s nice to see that Bethesda is planning to support their new game with a constant flow of content – in a monthly update fashion. In its first few weeks, RAGE 2 will receive Wasteland challenges, weapon skins and the first world event titled Bring the Ruckus.

June will start with the first big Day 30 Update, new world event and even more additional weapon skins and wasteland challenges. July will introduce a new ride and a new enemy called Global Worming. And all of this will be for free!

However, on August Bethesda plans to release the first paid DLC for RAGE 2 called Rise of the Ghosts expansion. According to the Tweet, it will feature a new story, new enemy faction, new weapons, abilities vehicles and more. The second expansion is scheduled for the fall season but details about it remain to be revealed.

From what we’ve gathered, it seems like RAGE 2 won’t be a game to forget quickly. Even if you’re not sure on whether it’s worth spending extra money on the additional content, Bethesda has you well-covered with a lot of free stuff coming in the near future.

RAGE 2 will be released tomorrow on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.